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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce "Bwand?"
Most people start off saying "Bee Wand." Some others say "Buh Wand." Technically, Bwand is short for bidet-wand and, since we made up the word and we're pretty laid back people, we really don't care how you pronounce it, so long as you enjoy using it.

I want a Bwand - what do I do?
Just click here and we'll take you right to the shopping cart. The Bwand is $129.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. We accept credit cards as well as PayPal. As long as it's in stock, we'll typically ship your Bwand* immediately and it will arrive in just a few days.

How do I use the Bwand?
Using the Bwand is something you will want to customize for your own needs. Please refer to our 'how to' page for recommendations from male and female Bwand* users.

What about drying off?
For most people, after washing, there is very little water left. The easiest method is to use a washcloth to damp dry the minimal bit of water. Itís totally up to you but the washcloth seems to be easiest to most people.

Why should I use a Bwand?
It feels good.
It wipes for you.
You're cleaner than you've ever been with paper.
You don't have to buy paper.
You play a large part in saving the environment as an individual.
You save the environment by saving trees, fossil fuels, water, and so much more.

Please visit our "Why Bwand?" page for more information. In short, you can save trees, save money, reduce plumbing aggravations and maintenance costs, be much more hygiene, and so much more!

It looks fairly simple - can I install the Bwand* myself?
Sure. With minimal plumbing knowledge, you can install the Bwand* yourself. However, we do recommend professional installation. For the installation, most plumbers would only charge a basic service call since the process is very simple and quick. However, if you would like to install the Bwand* yourself, please consult our installation instructions.

Copyright Bwand.com 2008, All rights reserved
The Bwand is a patent pending device
*The Bwand is designed for external cleansing only.

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