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For your health, washing is much better than wiping.
Washing with water is only natural...
your Bwand makes it easy


Millions of people suffer from the itching, discomfort, and self-consciousness associated with hemorrhoids. The irritation and bleeding often make it difficult to clean the rectal area effectively with toilet paper and often lead to further complications. Using the Bwand*, though, makes all the difference in the world. Cleansing with water or a sitz bath are traditional soothing agents for hemorrhoids and bidets are often recommended to those suffering from them. However, the space constraints of a normal bathroom (not to mention the major expense!) prohibit installation of a bidet to help alleviate the problems.

A Bwand* hand-held bidet is different. It installs in minutes to your existing toilet connections and pays for itself in savings during the first year. It soothes and cleans around the entire perineum area without rubbing or irritation of any kind. Getting a Bwand* if you have hemorrhoids just makes sense.

*The Bwand is designed for external cleansing only.

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