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How to Install Your Bwand

Though installation of your Bwand is a fairly simple process, it does require some knowledge of plumbing basics and we do recommend installation by a licensed plumber.

Step One:
Remove the Bwand from it's packaging and assemble the device. This is simple and requires nothing more than a small adjustable wrench. The "wand" end attaches to one end of the hose and the other end of the hose attaches to the smaller end of the adapter. Hand tighten first and then use the adjustable wrench to turn the nut a quarter turn further.

T-adapter connected to stainless steel hose  Wand end connected to other end of stainless steel hose
Assembling the Bwand

Step Two:
Lay a towel down around the toilet riser hose (hose coming from floor or wall and connecting to underside of the toilet) to catch any water - usually not very much at all - that may drip. Shut off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise until it stops.

Toilet riser hose and shut-off valve without Bwand connected
After detaching the riser hose from the shut-off valve

Step Three:
Detach the riser hose from the shut off valve by unscrewing the nut on the riser hose with the adjustable wrench. Be careful not to damage the shut off valve or other connections to the toilet.

Shut-off valve with riser hose detached
After riser hose has been detached

Step Four:
The inline adapter fitting fits between the shut off valve and the toilet riser hose. Connect the lower end of the adapter to the shut off valve and use your wrench to tighten the nut. Typically, a quarter turn past hand tightening is all that is necessary. Be careful not to overtighten the nut or damage the shut off valve.

Shut-off valve with t-adapter connected
After connecting the t-adapter to the shut-off valve

Step Five:
Connect the loose end of the riser hose to the upper end of the adapter and tighten with the wrench. Again, be careful not to overtighten or damage the fittings.

Installation is complete!  The adapter is now connected between the shut-off valve and the toilet riser hose.
After installation

Step Six:
Open the shut off valve by turning counter-clockwise. Check for any signs of leaks or improper installation. Test the Bwand by pressing the trigger and letting it spray into the sink or toilet.

Congratulations! Your Bwand is ready to use! If you would like to read about other people's experiences with the Bwand, please visit our How to Bwand page or our testimonials page. Feel free to submit your own ideas or testimonials. We love to hear other views on the Bwand!

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