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How to Bwand

How a female sits and uses the Bwand

Since using your Bwand is something you will customize to suit your own needs, we thought it best to let a couple of our users tell you how they wash with theirs.

How to use from a male's perspective:

The Bwand's wand will spin 360 degrees. I spin mine so the tip of the wand is pointing towards me and the trigger is pointing away from me. I lock my thumb around the Bwand with my index and middle fingers on the trigger, leaving my ring finger and my pinky on my side. This works best for me.

Once I have relieved myself, my method is to stick the Bwand between my legs (though some people use it from the rear), down into the toilet bowl, and, just before I get to my rear, I start spraying. Then I let it spray for a second or two to rid the majority of the waste, I pull it up until I actually make contact with myself, and I move the tip of the Bwand around in the rectal area for just a few seconds. The water is contained to my crack area so there is no overspray. I'm amazed and I feel squeaky clean. There's zero residue left.

When finished, I hang the Bwand up, grab a wash cloth and I damp dry. Again, there's very little moisture since gravity has pulled most of it down into the bowl. It's simple and I'd much rather let the Bwand do it than do it myself, as well as I'm cleaner and fresher than ever before.

Today, I cringe on the thought of traveling when I don't have a Bwand. I feel like I need to take a shower, as I did sometimes before I had one. I even recently gave a Bwand to my 82 year old mother, surprised that she would use it, her being from the old school. It's helped her tremendously. She simply had a hard time getting to herself. I now know of many people, from a 4 year old to an 82 year old that all use Bwand and I recommend it for everyone!

How to use from a female's perspective:

I like to use the Bwand by holding the handle in my right hand and propping my thumb on the ridge. I usually place the rest of my fingers at the variable flow trigger and press it with the index and first finger.

I use the Bwand either when urinating, defecating, or both. Basically, once I'm done, I first spray my front vaginal area. I prefer not to make any contact with myself in this area so I just spray for a few seconds and all liquid waste is gone. If I need to wash my rectal area, I do this next. In order to clean, I place the tip of the Bwand near to and almost touching my rectum and spray gently at first until the pressure feels comfortable. Once I feel like everything is cleaned up, I spray again on the front to make sure all is clear.

When I'm menstruating, the Bwand makes cleanup so much easier! Instead of wiping away and smearing residue all over myself, I just spray for a few seconds and I'm cleaner and feel so much better! It's like taking a shower every time I go to the bathroom and I no longer get that icky feeling that we're all familiar with at that time of the month.

I usually use a washcloth to dry off with since there so little water left and I typically will wash these after a day's use. I always keep my washcloth hung up on the toilet paper holder since I no longer have to use it or buy it.

The whole process of cleaning take so little time now that I feel like my whole life has improved by using the Bwand. It's easy to use and customizes to your every need since you control the flow.

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